Mark has 18 years experience in IT as a Project Manager, Business Analyst, Webmaster, Software Developer, and effective Business Partner. Creative solutions with a win-win approach have yielded many victories for dozens of lucrative projects. He is effective at cutting costs, exceeding expectations, and developing unique solutions so that all parties, from team members to customers, are satisfied with the results. Mark is eager to join a team to create something wonderful and meaningful that customers will love.

Experience in planning, designing, creating and managing numerous Web sites, applications, and reporting systems has provided Mark with a multi-faceted view, a broad knowledge base, and an understanding of application, process, and project design, development, and management. Mark is a world traveler and a diverse communicator with the ability to interact with everyone from management to techies, business partners to customers, regardless of culture, beliefs, emotional state, point of view, age, or education level. Also, he is the office go-cart champion 2 years running.

You can email him directly at